Oh My Lord Jesus, There’s A Meme Post.

24f Memes in general are beneficial to my blog as a whole. I have been incorporating memes in my posts since the creation of Vagabond Czar and it’s partly due to the daily incorporation in my life. I would have very much liked to use a sloth meme, but Know Your Meme only seems to like extremely inappropriate sloth memes. So I’ve settled for the “Sweet Brown” meme. I know it’s a little outdated but it seems like a classic to me. This meme stemmed from Sweet Brown (Kimberly Wilkins) news interview on a local station after her apartment complex was evacuated for a fire. In the interview, she quoted, “Oh my lord Jesus, there’s a fiarr,” and then goes on to say how she thought the fire was actually someone ‘barbecuing.’ When she realized it was a ‘fiar,’ she didn’t ‘grab her shoes of nothin’! Apparently, she could have caught Bronchitis and “AIN’T NOBODY GAT TIME FO THAT!” Her memorable lines and face have now become the basis of many memes! Similar to Sweet Brown, I ain’t gat time for a lot. Literally. With 18 credits, 15 of which have a HUGE workload, nearly 30 hours a week of internships and work, searching for a place to live after graduation, as well as planning and preparing to leave the Western Hemisphere in less than week, I simply don’t have time.  I wish I could have a cold pop like Ms. Brown, instead of slowly dying from school.

 Graduation is coming up. I gat a little time fo that.

SideNote: Speaking of copyright laws, Sweet Brown filed lawsuits against varies entities such as Apple and radio stations for using her in commercial products. Apparently, a remix of the interview was for sale on ITunes at some point.



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Creative Commons: Breezeblocks Remix

To start, Jamendo (creative common’s search engine) SUCKS. Everytime I would search a song, it would flash the results then quickly take me back to search page. I don’t know if this was a malfunction caused by my web browser or the actual site. So, I left Jamendo and took my search to Youtube.

The Juicy Stuff

I originally wanted to share the song, “Taro” by Alt-J, but I couldn’t seem to find it using the Creative Commons Search so I figure it’s probably doesn’t have a creative commons license. While conducting my search, I came across this cool remix of “Breezeblocks.”  I posted the original song a little while ago, click here  to listen.

http://youtu.be/yEYYwxj36A0 – The (remix) of Breezeblocks – Martijn Reening

The song relates to my blog simply because my blog is about me and it relates to me. Although this assignments requires an explanation of why it is OK for me to be using this media on my blog, it doesn’t meat the Fair Use Checklist. Being the deviant that I am, I am still including this in my blog because it has a creative commons license, and my reason for sharing this song does not violate the Fair Use checklist. The remix does in fact feature major parts of the original song but still shows original contents with the new electronic beats added by Martijn Reening. I am sharing this video purely for educational purposes so I believe I can’t be arrested for this. 🙂

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May 9, 2013 · 5:33 pm

MNEK- That’s The Way Love Goes (Listen via QR Code/Bitly)

Since Soundcloud and WordPress have teamed up to make my life a living hell (not dramatic), I am forced to share music using links instead of widgets. Maybe I’m just too slow to figure out to get it working or perhaps I’ve just been denied privilege because I am too cheap to pay for premium features- which I really don’t need.

With that being said, I am going to post a Bitly link and a QR code for all you “tech savy” folks out there.  The song I’m sharing is a cover of Janet Jackon’s hit song, “That’s The Way Love Goes” by eighteen year old British-Nigerian singer, MNEK. The cover presents a modern twist to the classic song as it creates a fusion of R&B, House, and Electronic sounds. This song is totally AMAZE BALLS! I can’t help but listen to it on repeat!

Click or scan and enjoy great music!




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Sharing is Caring

Hi there!

So you want to know why YOU (Yes YOU) should promote my blog? Well, the answer is simple. Vagabond Czar is filled with random goodness and awesomeness. With memes so good, weird content, and assignment reflections, you HAVE to share with your friends. What better way to share my site with others than to use another form of social media! Sharing can be done by clicking on the share button found in all of the tabs at the top of my page.

 By promoting my blog on other sites such as Facebook and Twitter, I will reach a wider audience. A greater reach would help improve the content on page because I will be more likely to get comments, responses, and likes. Gaining response from my audience is extremely helpful because it can allow me tailor my content to what the mass wants. Although this is blog that simple reflects my feelings, as well as completes assignments, it can still accomplish these things while appealing to the public. Comments from my peers and classmates are helpful, but most responses are just to fill assignment requirements. By introducing others to my blog, I will be more likely to receive a wider range of responses.



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Breezeblocks – Alt-J

Here’s a song from one of my favorite bands. It’s tots amazeballs,  so you have to LISTEN!
Their unique band name “Alt- J,”  represents the symbol you make when you press (alt) and (J) simultaneously- a triangle. How awesome is that??!!

WordPress is toying with my feelings. I don’t think the Soundcloud widget is showing, so here’s the link!


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Having entirely tooo much fun with these memes

Having entirely tooo much fun with these memes

Lmfao Bed Intruder remix.

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April 16, 2013 · 1:40 am

Gangster Sloth

Gangster Sloth


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April 16, 2013 · 1:17 am