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Playing Catch Up- “Akwaaba Header!”

My masterpiece started with the national flag of Ghana. I then applied a filter, added noise and a border, and added the slightly transparent picture of myself in a Ghanaian dress. If you can’t tell, I love my culture! I used the text, “Akwaaba,” and its translation as part of the header because it looked plain without it. Akwaaba means welcome in “Twi,” an Akan language in Ghana.

The process of creating this header on Pixlr wasn’t excruciatingly painful, however, me trying to be the overachiever that I am (haha) tried my best to use photoshop. I gave up on that after a couple days of trying. Pixlr then became my new best friend. I spent hours on it, just experimenting with different effects, tools, and filters. That part was fun. Actually creating the header itself… now that was a different story.  The only reason I had a difficult time with the assignment was because it I didn’t know what images to use in the header and I was anal about it being aesthetically pleasing. I made about 5 different banners and was unhappy with all of them.

Applying filters came naturally to me. After all I spend half of my day applying filters to my Instagram posts. Filters are my best friend. I struggled with combining multiple images. I could have easily just put two images next to each other, but I actually wanted to do the whole one on top of each other and transparency thing. (I dug my own grave)

There are some postiives to this assignment! I now consider myself a master Pixlr editor and will even attempt using the “advanced” next time *insert oohs & ahhs* ! I know, I’m doing big things :).


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