Meet the Editor

563667_4524190430624_703848078_nMost people refer to me as Enyo, although my parents strategically named me Enyonam (so I can live up to the meaning: God has blessed me). I was conceived and birthed in Ghana (an awesome country in West Africa for all you non-educated folks) and moved to the States at the age of 9. I’m currently a senior at Rutgers University majoring in Communication and minoring in both History and Sociology.

I am an extroverted individual who loves meeting people and experiencing new things.   I tend to talk a lot and have no problem initiating conversations with strangers. In addition talking to strangers, I also enjoy attending live events; from sporting events to music festivals, to local live concerts. I love music. I probably listen to music 19 hours out of the day (yes, I even play while I sleep).

There’s so much more to me, but then again, this is what this blog is for! Oh and to complete class assignments. Tune in :).


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