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Not dramatic or traumatizing at all…..


As individual who’s in love with music, I found this assignment to be quite enjoyable. Well at first….Prior to the start of this assignment, GarageBand was just another useless app on my MacBook, wasting space on my hard drive. I assumed only people who are into producing music or bands actually utilized the software. I also conclude (without much thought or evidence) that it was a complicated software, probably something like photoshop, but for music. So I buried it the deep dark corners of my Mac until this wretched day came.

Ok. Maybe I’m being a LITTLE dramatic.

My first reaction, when I opened up the application was


Then I saw my music from my itunes on the side and thought to my self, “there’s hope.” I spent 3 hours of playing songs on my iTunes trying to figure out which would be the chosen ones. NBD.

First off, selecting only TWO songs was extremely difficult. I like them all a lot! I finally settled with  “Bad Woman” by Arctic Monkeys as my intro (because I consider myself a bad ass 🙂 and it’s a super awesome song. Muse’s “Bliss,” was used as my outro because I loveeee that song.

After I got over the HARDEST part of the assignment… selecting the songs, I had to go through the next difficult task of figure out which part of the songs I wanted to feature in my podcast. After that, struggling with volume, fades, splits, and dying numerous times, I successfully completed my first garageband podcast. It took me much longer than I would have liked and I had to record myself numerous times because I wasn’t happy with the fact that I sounded like a man. My recorded voice is not sexy at all, so let’s just say that’s not my normal voice.

Uploading this assignment was a nightmare! I had to deal with copyright issues with sound cloud and I uploaded it several times and my voice over didn’t play. It was just a hot mess. But finally here

It was painful…ly fun. HA.



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Playing Catch Up- “Akwaaba Header!”

My masterpiece started with the national flag of Ghana. I then applied a filter, added noise and a border, and added the slightly transparent picture of myself in a Ghanaian dress. If you can’t tell, I love my culture! I used the text, “Akwaaba,” and its translation as part of the header because it looked plain without it. Akwaaba means welcome in “Twi,” an Akan language in Ghana.

The process of creating this header on Pixlr wasn’t excruciatingly painful, however, me trying to be the overachiever that I am (haha) tried my best to use photoshop. I gave up on that after a couple days of trying. Pixlr then became my new best friend. I spent hours on it, just experimenting with different effects, tools, and filters. That part was fun. Actually creating the header itself… now that was a different story.  The only reason I had a difficult time with the assignment was because it I didn’t know what images to use in the header and I was anal about it being aesthetically pleasing. I made about 5 different banners and was unhappy with all of them.

Applying filters came naturally to me. After all I spend half of my day applying filters to my Instagram posts. Filters are my best friend. I struggled with combining multiple images. I could have easily just put two images next to each other, but I actually wanted to do the whole one on top of each other and transparency thing. (I dug my own grave)

There are some postiives to this assignment! I now consider myself a master Pixlr editor and will even attempt using the “advanced” next time *insert oohs & ahhs* ! I know, I’m doing big things :).

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Almost at the point of hurling my Mac because Soundcloud hates my guts and won’t allow me to post my freaking blog commercial. I might die tonight of high blood pressure.

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Hahaha! It’s like modernized “Bernie”.

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Well done Nemo. Well done.

My friday night was a disaster thanks to Nemo. Instead of watching Canon Logic perform at Mercury Lounge, I wandered around my apartment building (conveniently located in jersey) aimless looking for hoodrat things to do with my best-friend. We ended the night playing Rummy 500 while listening and singing along to Bombay Bicycle Club. (I love them!)

This is why I need to live in the city. I’ve lived all over New Jersey (south, north, shore, and central) since I’ve been in the USA with the exception of a 6 months, when I lived in South Philadelphia. I have concluded from my residency, that NEW JERSEY SUCKS! So I’m taking my talents to Brooklyn after I graduate.  No worries, just 6 more months.

On the bright side, Nemo didn’t cause to much damage to our area! *Seal Claps*


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Sweet. Lord. Jesus.
This man is fineeeeeee.

Live and Be Loved!


Who doesn’t like a hot australian accent? Luckily that is exactly what you get when you listen in on a conversation with Chris Hemsworth. Don’t let the extremely muscular build, tan body, or gorgeous eyes fool you! Chris plays a wide range of dangerous and intesnse characters. All the way from The Avengers and Thor, toSnow White and the Huntsmanand The Cabin in the Woods. Checking in at a height of 6’3, Chris surely has enough arm space to hold you tight in his bulging man arms.

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Blog post…. Ain’t nobody got time fo that!


I’ve never really been interested in creating a blog of my own, ain’t nobody got time for that! I’d rather just post pictures of my face, food, and senseless memes on Instagram.


There’s more to me that pictures of my face, food, and senseless memes and with this blog, I will be able to express that.

Creating this was a piece of cake! Well, after about an hour of playing around with WordPress. But really, it wasn’t too bad. It was actually fun creating it! I even questioned my anti-blog beliefs a little. I think I enjoyed this a little too much.

This is the start of a beautiful relationship between us.


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