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ERMAGERD. Commercial never played.

Sorry guys! I just realized the link on the blog commercial is on crack. Here’s an actual link to it. A bit late but you can still listen.


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March 16, 2013 · 5:22 pm

Le Screencast.


This assignment was fairly simple. I had a few issues earlier with downloading Jing but I finally figured it out! The application was easy enough to use and seems very practical. Most of my time creating the screencast was spent trying to figure out which blog to use.  Since I’m soooo creative, I settled on featuring the website of Giant Step, a creative agency in New York. I just so happen to work there….. haha. I chose this particular blog because I love the content! I also thought it would be interesting to show a blog that has the added features WordPress refuses to give for free- like videos, ads, and all that good stuff.

To create an effective screencast, I think you have to have a reliable Internet connection. You will see from my own cast, that my connection was faulty and slow. This worsens the experience for the viewer. I mean, who wants to sit there and listen to you talk while your page loads? 

Screencasts seem like they would awesome tools for tutorials. In fact, I just realized they have been used to explain some of our past assignments to us on Ecollege. The ability to navigate a website while giving verbal guidance is extremely valuable. Professionally, screencasts could be used in place of workshops and presentations. I don’t see screencasts being anything more than an informative tool.

 Using screencast has its advantages and disadvantages. The ability to provide guidance without being physically there proves useful and further breaks boundaries of time and space. Once created, the screencast will be available to viewers everywhere and at anytime. This is especially convenient in a professional sense because an instructor may not have the time or be too far to provide hands on instruction, but with screencasts he is able to do so virtually.  Disadvantages include the need for excellent Internet connection, fast or slow pace, and inability for the viewer to ask questions.

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