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Sharing is Caring

Hi there!

So you want to know why YOU (Yes YOU) should promote my blog? Well, the answer is simple. Vagabond Czar is filled with random goodness and awesomeness. With memes so good, weird content, and assignment reflections, you HAVE to share with your friends. What better way to share my site with others than to use another form of social media! Sharing can be done by clicking on the share button found in all of the tabs at the top of my page.

 By promoting my blog on other sites such as Facebook and Twitter, I will reach a wider audience. A greater reach would help improve the content on page because I will be more likely to get comments, responses, and likes. Gaining response from my audience is extremely helpful because it can allow me tailor my content to what the mass wants. Although this is blog that simple reflects my feelings, as well as completes assignments, it can still accomplish these things while appealing to the public. Comments from my peers and classmates are helpful, but most responses are just to fill assignment requirements. By introducing others to my blog, I will be more likely to receive a wider range of responses.




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