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Creative Commons: Breezeblocks Remix

To start, Jamendo (creative common’s search engine) SUCKS. Everytime I would search a song, it would flash the results then quickly take me back to search page. I don’t know if this was a malfunction caused by my web browser or the actual site. So, I left Jamendo and took my search to Youtube.

The Juicy Stuff

I originally wanted to share the song, “Taro” by Alt-J, but I couldn’t seem to find it using the Creative Commons Search so I figure it’s probably doesn’t have a creative commons license. While conducting my search, I came across this cool remix of “Breezeblocks.”  I posted the original song a little while ago, click here  to listen.

http://youtu.be/yEYYwxj36A0 – The (remix) of Breezeblocks – Martijn Reening

The song relates to my blog simply because my blog is about me and it relates to me. Although this assignments requires an explanation of why it is OK for me to be using this media on my blog, it doesn’t meat the Fair Use Checklist. Being the deviant that I am, I am still including this in my blog because it has a creative commons license, and my reason for sharing this song does not violate the Fair Use checklist. The remix does in fact feature major parts of the original song but still shows original contents with the new electronic beats added by Martijn Reening. I am sharing this video purely for educational purposes so I believe I can’t be arrested for this. 🙂


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May 9, 2013 · 5:33 pm

Sharing is Caring

Hi there!

So you want to know why YOU (Yes YOU) should promote my blog? Well, the answer is simple. Vagabond Czar is filled with random goodness and awesomeness. With memes so good, weird content, and assignment reflections, you HAVE to share with your friends. What better way to share my site with others than to use another form of social media! Sharing can be done by clicking on the share button found in all of the tabs at the top of my page.

 By promoting my blog on other sites such as Facebook and Twitter, I will reach a wider audience. A greater reach would help improve the content on page because I will be more likely to get comments, responses, and likes. Gaining response from my audience is extremely helpful because it can allow me tailor my content to what the mass wants. Although this is blog that simple reflects my feelings, as well as completes assignments, it can still accomplish these things while appealing to the public. Comments from my peers and classmates are helpful, but most responses are just to fill assignment requirements. By introducing others to my blog, I will be more likely to receive a wider range of responses.



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Know Your Meme doesn’t really know….



The memes on KnowYourMeme’s SUCKKK. Absolutely terrible! Horrible selection! Need I go on?….. I think you guys pretty much get the idea. Actually no, I have to continue this rant. I don’t get it. How do these people create such terrible meme’s and think it’s funny. Or maybe I’m just not accessing all that the site has to offer. I couldn’t do it anymore so I left and took my search to Memebase. I’ll get back to you guys when I find a reasonable meme that suits my personality and blog…. or one that I just like.

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Le Screencast.


This assignment was fairly simple. I had a few issues earlier with downloading Jing but I finally figured it out! The application was easy enough to use and seems very practical. Most of my time creating the screencast was spent trying to figure out which blog to use.  Since I’m soooo creative, I settled on featuring the website of Giant Step, a creative agency in New York. I just so happen to work there….. haha. I chose this particular blog because I love the content! I also thought it would be interesting to show a blog that has the added features WordPress refuses to give for free- like videos, ads, and all that good stuff.

To create an effective screencast, I think you have to have a reliable Internet connection. You will see from my own cast, that my connection was faulty and slow. This worsens the experience for the viewer. I mean, who wants to sit there and listen to you talk while your page loads? 

Screencasts seem like they would awesome tools for tutorials. In fact, I just realized they have been used to explain some of our past assignments to us on Ecollege. The ability to navigate a website while giving verbal guidance is extremely valuable. Professionally, screencasts could be used in place of workshops and presentations. I don’t see screencasts being anything more than an informative tool.

 Using screencast has its advantages and disadvantages. The ability to provide guidance without being physically there proves useful and further breaks boundaries of time and space. Once created, the screencast will be available to viewers everywhere and at anytime. This is especially convenient in a professional sense because an instructor may not have the time or be too far to provide hands on instruction, but with screencasts he is able to do so virtually.  Disadvantages include the need for excellent Internet connection, fast or slow pace, and inability for the viewer to ask questions.

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