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Well done Nemo. Well done.

My friday night was a disaster thanks to Nemo. Instead of watching Canon Logic perform at Mercury Lounge, I wandered around my apartment building (conveniently located in jersey) aimless looking for hoodrat things to do with my best-friend. We ended the night playing Rummy 500 while listening and singing along to Bombay Bicycle Club. (I love them!)

This is why I need to live in the city. I’ve lived all over New Jersey (south, north, shore, and central) since I’ve been in the USA with the exception of a 6 months, when I lived in South Philadelphia. I have concluded from my residency, that NEW JERSEY SUCKS! So I’m taking my talents to Brooklyn after I graduate. ┬áNo worries, just 6 more months.

On the bright side, Nemo didn’t cause to much damage to our area! *Seal Claps*




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